Record-breaker on the field

Longstanding records tumble when young athlete Emillio Martinez hits the field.

Longstanding records tumble when young athlete Emillio Martinez hits the field, and he has his sights set on even loftier goals in the future. “I watched the Olympics with my mum and I wanted to try it, so Mum took me down to an athletic club,” Emillio said.

The 10-year-old discus thrower has been doing athletics for about five years now.

Since then, the Local Sports Star nominee has almost broken more records than he can count.

“My best achievements so far are that I have broken my club record, a record in Wollongong, a school record and the region record for primary school,” Emillio said. “I have also come third in the state.”

However, it’s not all about competition for Emillio, who also enjoys the community and the camaraderie of his chosen sport.

Emilio Martinez is this week's LSS nominee for Fairfield. Picture: Tim Clapin

“I love that I meet different athletes when I compete in different competitions,” he said. “I can try to better myself each time I throw the discus.”

The youngster also has his heart set on achieving an athlete’s dream.

“My big goals for athletics are to try and come first in the state and make it to the junior Commonwealth Games,” Emillio said.

“I would also like to make it to nationals and hopefully, one day, I can make it to the Olympics.”

Emillio also had advice for other aspiring athletes.

“I would say try it because you never know what you can achieve,” Emillio said.

“You can meet so many new people in athletics — you should do it because it’s fun.”

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