Back for his third state titles

From the moment he could walk, Xander Kilazoglou was kicking the ball around the house.

The young footballer from Wattle Grove developed his love for the sport from there.

By the age of six he was playing for the local football team in Moorebank.

Now, aged 14, he has been selected to play for Metro South in the NSW state titles for the third consecutive year.

Self-motivated, enthusiastic and dedicated, Xander said the highlight of his football career so far was being selected for the state titles for the first time.

Despite making it to that level three times so far, he said he took each opportunity seriously.

Xander dreams of being a professional footballer. Picture: Ian Svegovic

What drives the centre-back to succeed on the pitch is an ambition to play at an elite level.

“It’s always been my dream to become a soccer player,” he said.

“It drives me every time I go on the pitch.”

Xander hopes to one day play for either Liverpool FC or Sydney FC.

Having grown up in a family that loves football, he drew much inspiration from his father and older brother.

Xander now plays for the Bankstown Berries.

His father, Simon, said he was proud of his dedication to the sport.

“He’s extremely committed. He loves everything football,” Mr Kilazoglou said.

“Five of the seven days he’s actively participating in football, either in training or games.

“If he continues with what he’s doing, the sky’s the limit.”

He said the Bankstown Berries had helped to develop Xander’s confidence in his own abilities.

Xander is this week’s nominee for the Local Sports Star award in the Junior Sports Star category. The award recognises an outstanding athlete under 18.

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